Health Information Technology Solutions

Reducing risk, reducing cost, and accelerating integration of applications

Cambian helps organizations that manage healthcare processes, applications, and data to leverage new technology to improve the quality of delivery while controlling costs. Over the past decade, Cambian has earned trust and respect by collaboratively delivering solutions that leverage years of experience in the development and operation of integrated healthcare applications.

Electronic health records

Cambian has played a groundbreaking role in the introduction of pan-Canadian Standard EHR services for use by application vendors. In 2010, Cambian demonstrated the first electronic medical record (EMR) application integration to a Health Information Access Layer (HIAL) following Canada Health Infoway Standards for EHR services. Cambian has subsequently delivered an EMR reference implementation for the BC Ministry of Health, supporting transactions and workflows for Identity, Drug, and Lab services.

Specialist office automation

Cambian is working with surgeons across British Columbia to implement integrated information handling processes. EMR products play an integral role in referral, scheduling, and booking processes. We are working closely with leading EMR product vendors to help them upgrade their applications to support integrated case management, waitlist management, and communication to the BC Ministry of Health and BC Health Authorities.

Expertise available to help you

Our knowledge of the healthcare industry complemented with information technology competence and capabilities helps you save money, solve complex problems, and achieve a competitive advantage.


Advanced Clinical Scheduling

Cambian offers advanced clinical scheduling solutions aligned with partner applications to ensure exceptional user experience now and in the future.

Cambian Scheduler V3 has been selected for use in public health clinics across British Columbia.  More information on this exciting initiative will be made available as the application is rolled out to clinics in fall 2014.



Cambian provides integrated health information technology solutions. Read more about us in this 1-page overview of our products, solutions, and services.